Legal Disclaimer

By registering for this event, you understand that photography and filming will be taking place during the entire SnowBound Blues dance event. Your image and likeness will likely be filmed or photographed and may later be published on the internet or sold through DVDs. By signing this document, you voluntarily agree to waive your rights to seek any damages, compensation, or monies by the use of your appearance, image, or likeness on these films from any organizer, contractor, or representative at SnowBound Blues including the videographer and any other person or entity that this tape is distributed to or viewed by after the filming.

By registering for this event you acknowledge that dancing is a sport that has inherent risks including but not limited to the risk of falling, slipping, getting elbowed, getting stepped on, each of which can cause serious injuries. You understand that this event will at times be very crowded and dancers are expected to sit out a dance if too crowded, watch out for other social dancers, be mindful of the floor space, and be aware of their surrounding. "Defensive dancing" is a necessity of social dancing.

You further agree to hold harmless and indemnify SnowBound Blues and all its event organizers, contractors, and representatives from liability from any lawsuit against SnowBound Blues, its event organizers, contractors, and representatives that allege personal injuries or property damage arising out of your alleged negligent conduct or fault inside and outside-inclusive of parking lots at all contracted event spaces.

By registering for this event you further acknowledge that you are of sound mind and age and are not being coerced.You understand that you have the option to not attend this event.