We have 5 fantastic contests this year

Social Blues Jack and Jill

$10.00 per competitor

Open to all dancers who are not qualified for All Star J&J or judging this division. This contest occurs during the social dancing on Friday Night. Be there ready to dance at 11:00 pm. All competitors will be provided with a number at registration. Competing dancers will wear their numbers and secret judges and other non-competitors will not be wearing bib numbers. Have fun social dancing with as many people as you can, competing or not, in 2 hours. Our secret judges will be judging you visually on Blues Aesthetic, Musicality, and Overall Ability. They will judge your partnering skills as they dance with you. Results will be posted for Finals. Finalist will dance to live music- All Skate, Spotlight, Spotlight, All Skate. Prizes include passes to respected Blues Events for the top 3 winners.

All Star Jack and Jill

$10.00 per competitor.

Open to all Snow Bound Blues instructors past and present. Also to 1st place winners, in the last 3 years of partnered contests (with the exception of Novice divisions) at Snow Bound Blues, BluesSHOUT , Blues Muse, BamBLOOZled, Nocturne Blues, Rose City Blues, Rain City Blues, Winter Blues, Steel City Blues, Austin Blues Party, Mile High Blues, Sweet Molasses Blues and Enter The Blues events. This will possibly be a large group of competitors. If we exceed 12 registered dancers we will have a preliminary on Saturday after classes. If choosing this competition you will not be allowed to compete in the Social Division. Money prizes total 50% of all contest fees collected for all divisions other than Choreography. Prizes include passes to respected Blues Events. Finals format is self judged-and will be danced to Music Pre-Selected by contest DJ.

Solo Blues

$10.00 per competitor

DJ will play for this contest. We will do a Tap Out Prelim on Sunday. After the prelim there will be one more DJ battle. Finals will happen immediately in All Skate, Spotlight, All Skate format. Prizes include passes to respected Blues Events.

Team Blues 90 Second Choreography Division

$10.00 per team member

Competitors will be judged as a team of 3 or more by audience ballot. They will be ranking all entrants by their personal preferences. Routines are limited to 90 seconds and music must be Blues, Soul, or Jazz Blues. Gospel and other music choices may be disqualified. Winning team receives 50% of all fees collected for the Team Division.

DJ Battle

Free to all entrants

Please email lindyhopjoy@yahoo.com if you are interested in competing in this division. Due to limited available time at the Friday Late Night and Sunday Party for this competition, the Snow Bound Team will decide in advance which 8 Disk Jockeys will battle for the prize. (Namely a warm fuzzy heart because all the dancers chose you.)