Damon Stone

Damon has been dancing his entire life, starting with vernacular Jazz/Blues first taught to him at the tender age of six by his grandmother. After nearly a decade of learning at the heels of his elders, he went on and eventually studied a score of different dance forms until coming full circle in 1995 to focus primarily on the history and styles of Swing and Blues as his family danced them with a special focus on the Southern styles from the Mississippi Delta region. He has studied the development of vernacular Jazz/Blues dance across the United States learning from a number of the original dancers. He is largely regarded as one of the foremost authorities on Blues idiom dance, a long time board member of the Northern California Lindy Society, member of the California Historical Jazz Dance Foundation, and has been interviewed as a dance historian in documentary and for radio. Damon has been a featured instructor at camps, festivals, and workshops across five continents.

Check out Damon's dancing in these videos:

Joy Arico

Watching Joy Arico dance is like seeing music out on the floor. Joy dances like she has a gallon of moxy in her quart sized container and she knows just how to serve it. In 19 years of partner dancing and 8 years of cheerleading, Joy has loved West Coast Swing, Country Two-Step, Lindy Hop, as well as Balboa and Blues. Her exuberant love of dance is matched only by her attentiveness to technique and detail. Her number one goal in teaching is to share the LOVE of dance. Music should be the ultimate driving force of dance and she is focused on sharing ways to enhance the natural body response to music. Joy lives in Rochester, New York where she runs Lady Luck Blues with Steve Losh as her regular partner in crime. With the rest of the Lady Luck Blues team she runs SnowBound Blues. Previously she lived in New York City where she was heavily involved with Jook Joint Shimmy Blues and Blues Blaze . She has danced, competed and taught in virtually every major dance city in the United States. She has been honored to teach with such incredible partners as Damon Stone, Barry Douglas, Bryan Spellman, Tim O'Neill, Jered Morin, Davis Thurber, Dexter Santos, Jerry Warwick, John Joven, Dan Repsch, Shawn Hershey, Justin Hileman, and Steve Losh.

Michael Darigol

Hello, my name is Dargoff. Glad to meet you. I'm from Seattle. I played baseball for many years before I ever dreamt of dancing. I like music, dancing cooking and neighborhood bars. Now that we're no longer strangers, I'll tell you why I'm here.

I've been dancing, djing and teaching for over a decade. My dancing has been called creative, unique and whimsical. My teaching has been called fun, entertaining and brain-melting.

And, yes, it's true I love both blues AND swing. What I enjoy about blues music is the diversity of style within the genre as well as the wide range of eras it spans. What i enjoy about blues dancing is a bit more complex, but when the music moves me, I dance. I also bring the perspective that a rough edge can have more impact than an extra later of polish. Though I love to perform and entertain an audience, my passion remains the social dance.

See you on the dancefloor,


Sara Deckard

Sara Deckard, though never classically trained, has been dancing since her mother taught her how to "mash potatoes" as a little girl. In 2004, she fell in love with the dances of the Jazz Age including Lindy Hop, Solo Jazz, Solo Blues, Drag Blues and others. She began competing and performing in 2005 and has since won titles in Lindy Hop, authentic jazz, and blues dance at events around the world. As much as she loves to show off, Sara is a true street dancer and is happiest on the social dance floor, or connecting with students in a relaxed workshop setting.

As a teacher, Sara is spirited and encouraging. She emphasizes staying true to the spirit of dance and creating authentic, organic movement while maintaining one's own creative voice and, of course, having as much fun as possible. She strives to give her students the confidence to get out and let their spirit move, experiment with new steps and celebrate happy accidents.

Check out Sara's dancing in these videos:

Flouer Evelyn

Currently Flouer is the Director of Blues Dance New York, through which she hosts a weekly blues dance called Friday Night Blues NYC; and holds monthly workshops and class series with Alfredo Melendez and various other local and national instructors. With over 15 years of training in various forms of partner dance, having performed and competed throughout Europe, North and South America, and acquiring her MFA in Dance; Flouer presents a very contextual, wholistic approach to Blues. In her classes this approach often translates into encouraging individual artistry while paying close attention to connection, technique, and historical references. Dance classes are about people- they should be interactive, interesting, and FUN! Flouer is deeply dedicated to building community through Blues dancing, and believes that people physically moving and learning together can lead to powerful experiences. Read more at http://www.flouerdances.com/ and http://www.bluesdancenewyork.com/.

John Joven

John discovered dance during the neo-swing revival of the late 90s and has been hooked ever since. Over the years, he has expanded his interests to teaching, DJing, and competing. Before moving to New York, he regularly spun at many Chicago blues and swing events, and has brought his DJing talent to numerous events throughout the Midwest and East Coast most recently at Snowbound Blues and Lindy Focus. Dancing competitively since 2009, he has won and placed in many Jack & Jill and Strictly Blues competitions. His dancing and teaching are grounded in the blues aesthetic and an appreciation for the emotions of the music. He teaches his students to find their own style and ways of moving within the context of the fundamentals and encourages them to add their voice in the conversation of the dance.

Shoshi Krieger

Shoshi has been blues dancing since 2002, DJing since 2008, competing since 2010, and teaching since 2011. As a dancer, she is known for her unique quality of movement and organic blues aesthetic. She has been incredibly successful as a competitor over the years: making finals, placing, and winning in many Jack & Jill, Strictly, and Solo competitions. As a teacher, she creates a fun and safe environment for students to explore the music and movement of blues dance, solo or with a partner, and what it truly means to lead and follow. She encourages her students to use higher levels of thinking, and loves to see students working together through the learning process. Blues dance is simple; learn to express the music in your own body, embrace solid fundamentals, and anyone can have a fantastic dance. She is continually evolving as a dancer, teacher, and lover of music, and is thrilled to be on the team at Snow Bound Blues this year!

Mike Legenthal

Mike Legenthal is a passionate aficionado of jazz and blues dances, known all over the world for her friendliness, teaching skills, beautiful following, and expressive dancing. She brings both vibrant energy and technical precision to the classroom, and strives to make every social dance the best experience possible. Mike's teaching history is extensive; having taught at a range of events from residencies to international workshops to private trainings, she brings preparation and flexibility to every class. A typical class could involve students morphing into robot penguins or seaweed, standing on one foot with their eyes closed, or analyzing chord changes- all in the pursuit of better dancing. Regardless of the material, her classes always include a mix of abstract and concrete topics, plenty of levity, and challenging homework to help students improve long after class has ended. Some of Mike's career highlights have included repeatedly teaching at such events as Blues Muse, Feelin Blues in Tel Aviv, the Augusta Heritage Festival, Berlin Blues Explosion, The Blues Experiment, and BluesSHOUT!, as well as receiving the Keith Shapiro Memorial Award for positive impact on the blues community.

Forrest Rogers-Marcovitz

Forrest Rogers-Marcovitz is known for his Snake Hips and other unique individual dance stylings. He studied ballet for eleven years, starting at age four, and started dancing blues and swing in college. Along the way he has also dabbled in jazz, tap, tango, hip hop, West African dance, and capoeira. Based in Boston, Forrest spends his time working on robots and serving as head organizer for the Steel City Blues Festival in Pittsburgh. Outside of Boston, Forrest has traipsed across 6 continents, taught in 5 countries, won competitions at blues events around the world, including in Berlin, London, and Tel Aviv, and is the two time raining BluesShout All-Start Jack n' Jill champion. A lively instructor, Forrest focuses on each student developing their own unique dance aesthetic. Read more at http://www.danceforrestdance.com/bio.html